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social responsibility, charity and social innovation at home and abroad have once again gathered at the scene. More than 100 gue

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social responsibility, charity and social innovation at home and abroad have once again gathered at the scene. More than 100 gue

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On July 27, 2018, the 10th China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Conference hosted by Southern Weekend was held in Beijing. Focusing on the big theme of “Building Responsibility Consensus”, gov

On July 27, 2018, the 10th China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Conference hosted by Southern Weekend was held in Beijing. Focusing on the big theme of “Building Responsibility Consensus”, government agencies, business representatives, non-profit organizations and media personnel who are concerned about corporate social responsibility, charity and social innovation at home and abroad have once again gathered at the scene. More than 100 guests, more than 80 business representatives, and more than 400 spectators attended the annual meeting.



The 10th China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Meeting
Set sailed in 2008, the China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Conference has reached its tenth year. Huang Can, president and party secretary of the Southern Weekend Newspaper, said in the speech of the organizer: "Legislative, Jianyan, Hongdao, Southern Weekend has never been absent in the ten years of China's corporate social responsibility development, not just the record and witness of the times. It is also an evaluator of corporate behavior, a promoter of CSR value, and an explorer and actor of the future path."



Huang Can, President and Secretary of the Party Committee of Southern Weekend Newspaper, delivered a speech
Focus on CSR trends from a global perspective
The annual meeting of CSR in China: 2008-2018 CSR Observation Report was published by Meng Dengke, Executive Deputy General Manager of Southern Weekend and Secretary General of Southern Weekend Research Institute, expounding the CSR trend from a global perspective and systematically summarizing China. The development history of enterprise CSR, and reviewed the ten-year CSR responsibility of the Southern Weekend.
Since the rise of the concept of corporate social responsibility in the developed countries of the West in the 1980s, enterprises have gradually taken the initiative to assume social responsibilities and are more consciously responsible to the majority of stakeholders under the supervision and promotion of the government, non-governmental organizations and the public. However, with the evolution of time, the development of CSR is also facing new difficulties such as inefficiency and low project sustainability. The government's efforts to strengthen guidance, companies to improve their responsibility, and embrace new technologies such as short video and artificial intelligence have become the key to solving these problems.


Meng Dengke, executive deputy general manager of Southern Weekend and secretary general of Southern Weekend Research Institute, released a report
Chen Yueguang, Huang Xiaoming, etc. were awarded the 2018 Responsibility Pioneer
This annual Responsibility Annual Conference awards the annual “Responsibility Pioneer” in various industries and fields, in order to recognize those who have their own ideas and persistence in corporate social responsibility and public welfare, who are willing to put into practice and have achieved recognized achievements. They go to guide and drive more people who are interested in this."
The "Responsible Pioneers" announced at the annual meeting include: Chen Yueguang, executive director and secretary general of Dunhe Foundation, famous actor in mainland China, founder and chairman of Mingjia Capital, founder of tomorrow love fund Huang Xiaoming, party committee of GPHL Secretary, Chairman of the Board Li Chuyuan, "Jingjiang Poisonous Land" pollution reporter Zhou Jiangang.




Chen Yueguang was awarded the 2018 Responsibility Pioneer



Huang Xiaoming was awarded the 2018 Responsibility Pioneer
Discover green value, hot discussion on the big coffee table
“Discovering Green Value” is the annual unit of attention of this annual meeting. The “2018 Enterprise Green Product Research Report” was released on the spot, and the status quo of green products in China was elaborated around the definition, standards and benefits of green products. Environmental protection and green are the foundation of all high values. Green products can save more resources and costs for enterprises and bring higher economic benefits. To promote China's green development requires enterprises to play an active role in it.



Southern Weekend Green News Department Editor Wang Wei released "2018 Enterprise Green Product Research Report"
The annual round-table dialogue was hosted by Wang Wei, editor of the Southern Weekend Green News Department. Four big coffees focused on green products and discussed the topic of “green value”. Zhang Xin, deputy dean of the China National Institute of Standardization, said that green products are inseparable from natural environmental protection and resource protection. Ma Jun, founder and director of the Public Environmental Research Center, pointed out that companies should cooperate with upstream and downstream to create a green industrial chain and inject more green features into their products.
Zhou Jinfeng, secretary general of the China Green Development Association, pointed out that green products have a full life cycle and can be called green products based on factors such as energy, environment, ecology and health. Based on the operator's perspective, BASF's senior vice president Zheng Daqing proposed that the company should integrate the concept of sustainable development into the management system, and introduce more green solutions through innovative research and development, and strive to create more "green" products.



Roundtable Dialogue: All parties work together to discover green values
27 companies were awarded the Best Corporate Responsibility Award
The China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Meeting is based on the 16-year history of China's Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. It is a three-category list of state-owned listed companies, top 500 foreign-invested enterprises and private enterprises in China. A comprehensive consideration of the list of corporate responsibility performance results in the generation of the best responsible company of the year. The 2017 Corporate Responsibility Award was presented at the morning of the annual meeting, including 27 companies including ICBC, China Construction Bank, Volkswagen China, Intel, HNA Group and Vanke.



  Representatives of state-owned listed companies won the award on stage




  Representatives of private enterprise winners took the stage to receive the award




Winners of the top 500 foreign-invested enterprises in China took the stage to receive the award
In the afternoon, the 10th China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Meeting will also announce the annual responsibility case and other annual responsibility individual awards. A number of responsible big coffee will also gather in the afternoon to bring more knowledge to dry goods, so stay tuned!